Auricular Acupuncture


Auricular Acupuncture


Auricular acupuncture is a relatively new technique using points found only in the ear. Dr Paul Nogier developed the technique in France during the 1950’s when he discovered that points on the ear correspond to different parts of the body. At the same time research was also being carried out in China following the same concepts of body mapping on the ear.


Auricular acupuncture is a complete system of treatment in itself. Since 2011 the American Army use a form of auricular acupuncture called Battlefield acupuncture for pain relief both on the battlefield and at their bases. In the general setting auricular acupuncture is used not only for pain relief, but also for a variety of conditions including, gynecological, allergies, intestinal, chest and urinary problems. There are also auricular protocols for the reduction of addiction for drugs, alcohol and smoking. Some acupuncturists use only auricular acupuncture, although most combine it with traditional acupuncture.


Treatment is carried out first by using a blunt probe to find areas of tenderness in the ear. These tender areas indicate the area of the body where the problem lies. Small needles are then inserted into these points. Often small ‘seeds’ (a tiny metal pellet on a plaster) are put on these points either for the treatment or following treatment so that the patient can continue the stimulation of the point between treatments.





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